Need some quick advice to take your ordinary BBQ to the next level?  May not be as hard as you think.  Selecting the right hardwood chips to smoke with is just as important to barbecue as selecting the right cut of meat and ingredients for your rub. Smoked BBQ is an art and the chips […]

So you’ve finally decided to buy a grill and start serving up all kinds of barbecued fun. But what tools and equipment should today’s cutting-edge grill master have at the ready? Don’t even think about grilling without these immensely helpful accessories: The basics – Gripping tools such as tongs help you grab and move everything […]

When you are having a party, barbecue recipes are the best to prepare. They are not that dry like fried foods because they have sauce that gives taste to these kinds of dishes. In this article, you will be given three kinds of barbecue recipes from the countries in the east, west and the south. […]

It is unavoidable to associate the word “barbecue” with lots of grilled meat, but there are a lot of different options and variations in the menu for your BBQ for adapting to gastronomic trends. We will introduce you the most popular variation: the vegetarian BBQ. Don’t miss the best tips for preparing an excellent menu. […]

  The act of flipping a row of sizzling burgers on a barbeque grill is one of the summer’s simple pleasures. After all, who does not enjoy calling people over to showcase culinary talents on the grill? As barbeques are often operated in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, most people take it for granted. However, it […]

So a vegan is coming to your BBQ? What do you do? These days it seems like there’s a vegan at every party and the good news is, that means stores are carrying more options than they use to (and labeling them more clearly). While you’re picking up your ground beef and hot dogs, check […]

Warm weather and a taste for grilled fare are often the perfect excuses to host a barbecue party in your backyard. However, sunny climate and a craving for your favorite barbecue dishes aren’t the only elements you need to make your gathering a success. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning […]

    Barbecue is one of the many dishes that—as people say—make life more enjoyable. However, not everyone can create the perfect barbecue. Some barbecue failures that most people encounter are either over- or undercooking the meat or the meat becomes charred outside, yet uncooked inside. How does one, then, come up with a perfect […]

  Being a barbeque fan, we can all choose what we like to cook more over another kind of meal. Some prefer chicken while others would rather beef. What is it that you like to barbeque? Is it Bourbon Whiskey BBQ-sauced chicken? What about barbequed marinated flank steak?   Well, whatever you would choose, my […]

    As the spooky season is fast approaching and having worked in a business that revolves around Halloween, I find the month of October very busy indeed from a work standpoint. Regardless, I try to find the time at least once during the month to cook my Halloween themed steak recipe that is like […]